Method OR Plugin for -> Guitar Feedback

Hello there,

I’m looking for a way to create and record feedback usually created when holding your guitar infront of the amp. I saw a Youtuber showing some cool pedal and he had these crazy feedback sounds I - till date - only got from live setting.
So how to create that in a line-in - headphoned - home situation when you want to record it?
I found a Plugin from Softube:

which costs something.
Is it do-able with Cubase 12, maybe even with onboard tools?
Or are there ways / Plugins which are free?
Thankful for ideas!

Here the direct link:

There is also, but that costs 79 bucks as well. I don’t know of any freeware or other plugins that do that. Not aware that Cubase offers something like that.
I’d wait for a sale on the Softube version, maybe you can get it for half price or so.

It actually is: 45€ - the link doesn’t show it…

If anyone knows of free methods in Cubase or the Native Instruments “universe” please post here :slight_smile:

Have you searched the KVR plugin database?

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Wow this site seems to have many plugins and virtual instruments!
Thank you!

May be the best way is to use a Digitech FreqOut pedal in a reamp loop. I never tried to use it in a reamp loop, so no warranty it does work…

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I now own this pedal:

Hors d’Oeuvre?
Fairfield Circuitry is the manufacturer.
It’s described as: Active Feedback Loop

I guess the live situation feeling is yet to be found or simply only possible by doing live :smiley:
There’s nothing sweeter than a direct reaction from your amp :rocket: when getting closer to it.