Method to use generic MIDI Controllers as full AI knob support

So I stumbled across this:- If you download and install Yamaha MOXF Remote Tools it provides a controller extension in Studio Setup which has AI control included.

If you create the following mapping on an external controller:-
AI Wheel/Rotary = CC60 ( 2’s Complement*)
Jog Button = Note A#7 (Toggle)
Lock Button = Note B7 (Toggle)
*Values 1-63 for increments, 64-127 for decrements - At least I think that’s 2’s complement mode.

Then assign that MIDI device as the input of the MOXF extension you get the following control from a generic device:-

Note: The last mode listed (with both buttons ‘on’) can be stopped if you also turn the lock button OFF and touch the AI wheel, also.

MOXF Remote Tools (Win)
MOXF Remote Tools (Mac)

Quite handy now that the CC121 is near impossible to get hold of. I know some people are curious to get a taste, so this may be helpful for those.

Other elements exist within that extension, so you have to be careful not to send:
E5 to A#5 (Transport)
C3 to F3 (Assignable Switches)
F# to B2 (F1, F2, etc. buttons)
F#3 to B3 (Assignable Switch Banks)

And also MIDI CC28 to CC39 controls 4 band EQ mappings for Q, Freq & Gain.

So unless you want to map to those also, a virtual pipe may be preferred to separate the AI controls.


cool find

Even more than cool @skijumptoes !
I am setting up a page of 8 encoders as well the large wheel so that you can tap a knob n the plugin in and press the encoder button and it locks, locking up to 8 parameters on the fly.
What I mean is, sometimes when dialing in on a couple of tracks, its the interdependence of a number of parameters that might normally be on disparate areas etc.

Nice! :slight_smile:

It certainly opens up some nice options. The only thing that really irks me is that you can change pages on the VSTi racks using a mouse scroll. But the AI knob won’t change them!!! Arrrrggghhhh haha.

That would’ve been really nice to have paged instrument controls using the VST QC’s - AI knob locked on the page turn element… So close… yet so far…

Also I’d quite like to have been able to scroll through presets for inbuilt plugins like retologue when the browser screen is open.

Bit of MTP might cover that one :slight_smile:

This is veey interesting, will i be able to assign my loupedeck ct to do this? It has midi i can set up just not exactly sure how

If you have Cubase 12, the AI knob is included as a built-in function via the MIDI remote - so super simple to do now.

That i do. I will tinker around though it and see what i can do. Thank you