Methods of Remote Back up for a home network?

Methods of Remote Back up for a home network?
What’s the options?

I started looking into this, tried a few options and it got pretty confuzzling, I have only got the gist of home networking, so pardon me.

My goal I think is shared by others:

Remote from my studio on the home network I want to run a device to autostore (live pref) the contents of my master project folder, so all work is saved.

I don’t want to use the cloud as the file sizes are too big=pricey

I want free or cheap and I want easy set up (predictable I know) I don’t mind buying the right hardware…

I plugged in a USB hard drive into my Asus Router (PCE AC68). The software supplied by Asus was customised only for media streaming and sent my to create my own domain name with Asus, then showed the files in a browser, with all non media files hidden and no functionality to view/copy delete etc… Software not really an option.

Like many users, I have a few laptops, phones in use, but non is on all the time. I don’t fancy running a PC for just this one task.

I don’t really mind the idea of backing up to a phone, its often in range and has enough storage. Maybe this is the future as we can go to a friend with the project?

I got the hard drive that I plugged into the router ‘mapped’ by windows tools so that I can see it on my MusicPC. When I try to access this drive, for some reason it wont allow my to access the route of the drive, but it will allow me to open folders. Other bog standard windows functionality seems to be missing,like I say I don’t really understand networking, maybe its about permissions somewhere, but the drive is not even in a PC.

Even this is only half way, then you have to solve the problem of AutoSaving the folders, not just the current project, but any alteration to the folder. I also store a windows mirror on this drive and a few other bits and pieces needing occasional change.

So, I set up a freebie from MS called SyncToy. I put in on a schedule using windows scheduler. This should now back up every time I switch on the PC. It should probably work, but I just get the feeling there is a better way?

Are there for instance USB drives/sticks, that have wifi connection to the network customised in some way to function as back up drives? Something parallel to the smoke detectors you see, something you could just leave somewhere, backing up?

Any thoughts Gurus?


NAS (Network Attached Storage) box. I use a Synology DS213+. Very flexible.

I use SyncBack Free to schedule folder backups (mirrors), but also for ad-hoc after any file editing. After coming across several pieces of backup software that didn’t actually properly mirror the source.

In fact, I have an older NAS box, to which I back up the first overnight, so it’s a day out of sync. Got to have at least two copies of anything to be reasonable certain that you have any!