Methods to add silence to an audiofile


In a Montage, what way would you use to lengthen a clip by 1 second from the beginning ?
That is, to add 1 second of silence at the beginning of the clip (without touching the position of the clip).
The goal is to select a whole clip, then perform a series of operations using shortcuts, and get this same clip, simply extended by 1 second of pure audio silence at its beginning.

On my side, I did the following:

  • created a preset (with a shortcut) to make a selection of 1s to the left from the cursor placed at the beginning of the clip to process. Tool = “Range”
  • Created an empty clip from this selection range [not possible to create a shortcut for this function :frowning: ]
  • Select by hand the extent of these 2 clips (a function with shortcut “Extend from cursor to next clip boundary” would be very useful)
  • Create Internal Super clip (Shift-U)

… But it’s not totally automatable due to lack of 2 shortcuts and 1 function.

Does anyone have a more optimized trick with only shortcuts?
This would allow to simply chain some shortcuts, possibly configurable in Streamdeck !

Or… maybe these shortcuts and the function could be present in a future update :wink:
Even better, : maybe implement 1 function that does everything in 1 shortcut ? :wink: !

Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can technically add time to start of a clip without changing the position. The start of a clip is the start of a clip. What is the purpose of your request? To make it so that the eventual album/CD track doesn’t have such an abrupt start?

What I do after sequencing an album and trimming the heads and tails to be clean, is I use the “Move Multiple Markers” feature to offset the marker by 200ms to the start of the clip which is usually the first note or downbeat.

This way, the spacing between songs doesn’t change if you listen to it straight through, but the starts of each track are better optimized.

This way, when I render a WAV file of each album track, there is about 200ms of digital silence between the start of the song/track and the first note.

You could easily choose 1 full second instead of 200ms but the concept is the same.

This is the setting I use:

Thanks Justin :+1 :
I understand.
Nevertheless, my goal is to avoid problems with certain plugins that cause glitches or pops or weird things at the very beginning of a render (e.g. AA or Submi**ion Audio). I want them to have time to settle down when the useful part of the audio comes.

Actually, my method works. But I’m looking for a way to do this thing only with shortcuts.

I’m imagining things and looking for the best way to make them work :rocket:

Ah yes, that is the other reason. I don’t have any tips for you as I prefer to use plugins that just work correctly :slight_smile:

I do render my montages as one long file first which can help in some cases, but there are other problematic plugins that I prefer to just not include in my workflow because they are not worth the headache.

Okay… I understand your decision :blush:
Thank you anyway :wink:

Maybe PG will have idea how to make your shortcut method more efficient so that problematic plugins have more time to “warm up” and “get in gear” when used as Clip FX.

Yes. Indeed :wink:

I would certainly not create and internal super clip for this, because this is a complex entity (BTW, in WaveLab 12, there will only be external clips, not longer internal clips). Rather use the Bounce function.

BTW, why do you need this function for?

Hello mister PG

What I need is a function like this as explained on post #3

Actually, this could be just a little modification of the “bounce” function.

At the moment, if I select a clip over a range longer than that clip, only the strict range of the clip is bounced.
One can imagine that the result is rather a single clip, the length of which is equivalent to the entire selected extent, and whose areas that exceed the ends of the selected clip are rendered as a perfectly silent area.

It is to me a hugely useful feature.

Would you think about it please ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Some plugins do not render correctly in the first few samples or even first few seconds when they are used as Clip Effects and the clips are trimmed tightly to remove any hiss/noise/count-ins etc. before the song starts, as you often do in mastering.

I avoid these plugins because no plugin is worth a ridiculous workaround in my opinion but I’ve seen a number of people try to find a hack/solution for this. I know of some people that add many seconds to the starts of the files so the rendering happens correctly, and then they trim them later. No thanks. Not all day everyday.

Of course, using Track Effects instead of Clip Effects usually works but that’s not a very efficient way to work.

Apart from the plugin being fixed, if WaveLab could add some anticipation or look-ahead for Clip FX, that could help. REAPER has something like this. See attached.

Some high CPU/latency plugins struggle as Clip FX when there is immediate audio, and it only gets worse as additional plugins are involved, especially at higher sample rates.

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Yes I see. This is true that I have to think about this.

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Perfectly explained :slightly_smiling_face:

If im batching files non destructively i use the cd wizard, normally I put all files in I need, use auto split to cut head and tail silence, then add 75 frames to the first track start marker (1 second), and have “use splice markers (keep pauses within tracks)” ticked & have the adjust pauses unticked I’ll then render out using “all marked regions” with CD tracks as the option, may not solve your issue with all plugin’s but seems to work well with what I use
I also have a 75 frame setting for silence at end of track markers to add a second at the end

This is indeed another backup technique.
Thanks for sharing.

From what I’ve read, Reaper does something else. Anyway, I had the idea to simulate what @phase.mastering tries to achieve: to let WaveLab “internally considers” a clip to start a little earlier than it actually does (e.g., 1 or 2 seconds), so that its plug-ins warm up with some audio samples (the hidden samples “at the left” of the clip’s start, if any, or zeroes). Same thing for rendering an audio range: the plugins are warm-up a bit before the actual rendering region. It was a bit of a headache to program this, but it could be achieved :slightly_smiling_face: This solves a long-standing issue with (specific) plugins at the start boundary of clips or audio ranges (like CD track regions).

This option will probably be called “Plug-in warm-up” (for WaveLab 12) and will be ON by default.


This is news that should delight many wavelab users, and a great job by @PG1 !
Thanks also to @Justin_Perkins perkins for his support and clarity.

A note of clarification that may not matter, but the initial problems with some plugins are present during a Render, never during playback or during work, and even more so on the first track of the timeline, which is usually about 300ms from the very beginning of the time line.
I can’t wait to discover this Version 12.
I remain open to beta testing if needed.

Congratulations again for this improvement.

My implementation also takes care of plugins starting at position 0 ms on the timeline. This means this includes not only clip plugins but also track and output plugins. That particular timeline issue was actually half of the headache :slightly_smiling_face:

It is worth noting that this new option also solves the case of rendering CD tracks where splice CD markers divide clips. Let’s say you have a clip divided in two by a splice marker. Then rendering each CD track individually (separate files), and joining them together again later, will be the same as rendering the whole montage in one go. IOW, transparent transition points, because the rendering of the second CD track warms up the plugins with the samples just before the splice point (the end of the first CD track).


@PG1 simply BRILLIANT !

Love WL