Metric Halo ULN8

Hi Team,

Really sorry, and I am sure that this has been done to death but I can’t, for the life of me, get Dorico to play back through my Metric Halo ULN8.

It is causing me great frustration because I would like to do instructional videos on composition for my students but I can’t get audio through the ULN8 for recordings.

I have selected the device in the Edit > Device Setup dialogue, I have tried restarting Dorico, I have changed the sample rate and changed it back, I have set the Halion player to silent and then changed it back.

Does anyone else have success with a Metric Halo product or anyone give me some direction?

Thanks in advance,

Mine works perfectly with Dorico.

How is the ULN-8 connected: USB or Ethernet? Do other apps work with the ULN-8 for recording? Are you using the latest MH driver & firmware and the Public Beta 11 version of MIOConsole?


Thanks Leigh,

The Uln is connected via USB and audio in and out works for everything (Logic, Apple Music, Safari etc)

MIO Console is actually 10-138 so I will download the update, thanks for the tip.

I am curious, in my Audio selection panel in preferences and elsewhere, the ULN shows up as Name: OUTPUT. Type: USB

Is that what it is for you? It used to say ULN-8…

Thanks again for chiming in…



Thanks Leigh, I didn’t realise that there was a new firmware for the box, I think installing that has set me back on track.


+1000 for the ULN8. What a great product and Company.


The best!

You’re already sorted so just adding my praise for Metric Halo - I’ve a ULN-2 & a 2882 on 3D - using with ethernet connection (MacPro is 20 metres away from control room - blissful silence!) and has run with Dorico from day one of 3D.
Great product and fantastic support.

No problems with my ULN 8 - 3d and Dorico Pro 3.5.

Latest public beta of MIO Console, firmware, and driver.
Big Sur 11.5.1
Ethernet connection direct to Hackintosh i9-9900k (posing as a 2017 iMac)