Metric modulation 7/6

Hi! How do I best write this metric modulation?
Both regarding general engraving advice, and technical in Dorico.

Does the time sig change? What is the actual music either side? Is this actually a change of metre, or just ‘no more septulets’?

Time signature is both changing and not changing
It’s from 12/8 to 11/8, but that’s just skipping an eight before steady 12/8 again.
The 7/6 is established in solo violin before.
I’ve written “Tempo primo x 7/6”. Draft here:

I have to figure there would be an easier way to mark this tempo change than using a metric modulation, perhaps just by entering a metronome change as done elsewhere (maybe using an eighth-note unit for measures in the area). Figuring out the metric change while reading through the music is bound to cause stopping for raised hands at a rehearsal.

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I think the technical term you are looking for is più mosso.


Cool rhythmic relationship. I agree that “più mosso q.=64” would be clearest for the players.

Also you can get it to display simply “11/8” if you put square brackets around the numerators in the popover: [3+3+3+2]/8.

The issue I have with “Piu mosso q.=64” is that there’s really a long time since I’ve entered a meteronome-mark (it’s all poco accel. etc), and the relationship 6 of 7/6 equals 6 of 6 is really very clear once you first understood the logic.
The q.=64 needs at least be in parentheses.