metric modulation in tempo mark?


I’d like to add “dotted quarter=eighth note” using bravura symbols for the notes in a tempo change. Pasting the glyphs results in nada. Is there a way to do this?

Are you pasting the symbols into System Text (ALT+SHIFT+X)

or are you trying to enter the symbols into a tempo popover (which will not be successful)?

Did you change the font to Bravura, 20pt?


Bravura 24 pt. (IIRC) for the Music Text. Academico for the period and equal sign. I also used the vertical offset parameter to position the Academico in an appropriate vertical position relative to the music symbols.

A bit less convenient, because then it has to be entered in every part, hidden in the score on all but the top part, etc. I wonder if there are any plans to augment tempo popover to add this?

Emboldened “System text” mine. Goes into every part automatically.

Ah I didn’t know about system text. Thanks for the tip!