Metronome and Instrument tracks are not in sync

I have instrument tracks and Ive inserted the notes in the drum and key editors so I know they’re on beat but when I hit record the metronome and inst tracks arent in sync. Anybody else have this issue?

Is Plugin Delay Compensation enabled? Post all DAW specs.

Im using halion one for my instrument tracks and I go into the drum editor and click my notes in while I have the metronome selected to play during playback. So I used the track delay in ms to adjust the drum track to play on beat with the metronome and they are off by about 250ms. Ive gone into the metronome setup and theres nothing there that seemed to help.

Try setting the metronome to play a wav file (of a sidestick or whatever you want) rather than using the onboard beep. I’ve found the onboard beep to be unreliable. Yet another MAJOR co&k up from Steiny.

And what are you using as metronome? MIDI Click or audio click? If MIDI click - what are you using as sound generating device in the metronome setup? Hopefully not MS wavetable synth…?

In other words, is the metronome playing incorrectly to the grid?

Strange, I went into some of my other projects and went to metronome setup and clicked in Activate Audio Click instead of MIDI Click and on some projects it worked with audio click and others it did not. I checked to see if there were any differences in settings between the projects and there were not. A $500 daw and im Fin with the metronome!