Metronome: Any .wav files available in Groove Agent?

(Posting in the lounge because afaik Groove Agent is a multiproduct VSTi, mods please move if that’s not right …)

Hi - I was looking for audio drum sounds to load into my Audio Metronome Click. I couldn’t actually find any .wav files, or any files that seemed usable, from Groove Agent. Can I use any Groove Agent sounds in my metronome click, does anyone know?

Thanks -

Nothing urgent, I recorded some from my Motif, but just for future, why can’t I find any .wav files relating to GA?

I know they are in there somewhere, because I can play the samples by hitting on the drum pads.

It’s possible they are compressed into a single file on your filesystem.
Bit of a painful workaround but you can of course record some samples from GA in Cubase and export them as .wav

They are in a container, archive type file , encrypted . But as suggested just record them to a track.
Only problem I had, was I recorded in 32bit float and grabbed the files from the pool, not a good idea. Massive distortion, massive overload. 16 bit worked fine. Just remember to cut the start point of the sample precisely. It would be nice if Steinberg included a handful of metronome sounds.

Yes, thanks, this is essentially what I did, using my synth to record the .wav sounds and put them in the metronome.

Surprising to me, I don’t have any drum .wav sounds in my computer, or at least so my search told me. Wouldn’t have expected that!