Metronome being sent out both control room and audio ports?

I just experienced this for the first time ever, and dont know how to fix it. I opened my project today, turned on the metronome to record, and I noticed that its flaming with itself - like its going twice with one being delayed slightly. So I turn off the click in my control room (which is how I normally listen to click) and noticed that its still playing. After some searching I see that its coming into the virtual inputs on my audio interface.

I rest my VST connections and still I’m hearing this click. Of course if I turn off the metronome completely I dont hear it, so it seems to me that the metronome is somehow being sent out of cubase through my audio interface?

Any ideas as I’m at a loss as to what to do. Thanks!

Found it - In the VST connections output section there is an option for “click.” I inadvertently had this turned on for my virtual channels. Question - if I have this turned on is there a way to control the amount of click being outputted to just this output? For example, I have two headphone outputs on my interface and my brother (headphone 1) always wants the click real loud where I like it much softer (headphone 2).

Is it possible to somehow control the level of the click per output?

In the Outputs pane of VST Connections (not the Control Room :wink: ), is anything checkmarked in the “Click” column? You don’t want it to be in this case :wink:.

Yeah, thats the conclusion I came to (see post above yours vic) :slight_smile:

Oops… I hadn’t noticed that you had already posted while I was writing :wink:
As regards the different levels, you should maybe consider getting used to the idea of using Cues (Control Room… “Cue 1 thu 4” once you have created them). You can set Click level independently for each Cue Output… and, you can set a Cue to listen to the Main Mix (i.e. without having to set up separate cue levels)… but… with its own click level nonetheless! :wink:.