Metronome Click Incorrect In 20/4 Measure

I have a project with a 20/4 section. The metronome click plays each quarter note correctly before and after the 20/4 section but only clicks every 5 beats in the 20/4 section.

There are no time signature signposts in the section. Deleting and re-entering the time signature doesn’t correct the click.

A 14/4 section plays correctly.

I am happy to share the project privately. Please let me know how to send it.

2020-02-02 16.22.26.png


Dorico is treating 20/4 as [4+4+4+4+4]/4, which doesn’t seem unreasonable. However, I grant you that it’s not much fun to change the beat grouping so that it will play twenty quarter beats. Copy and paste the following into the Shift+M popover:


That should do it!

Hello guys,
BTW, would be very nice and useful if we have Cubase Pro like, customizable, Metronome in the future. It’s very comfortable for real-time recording
Daniel, I hope you and your team would think about this improvement of the metronome! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Thurisaz, I’m not familiar with the Cubase metronome, but at the risk of telling you something you already know, are you aware that there’s a fair amount of control over the metronome within Playback Options > Click? Also, you can assign whatever VST you like by clicking the “Time” dropdown in the top left corner of Play mode.

Leo, yes I’m aware what I can do with the Dorico’s metronome, but still it needs to be tricked for odd meters like 7/8, or 9/8 (Bulgarian style) (check the screenshot for more info).

First, I have to write them in that way, and after the recording to edit them back to normal appearance (7/8, 9/8)
Second, if I need to have clicks only on the accented times I have to go to Playback Options > Click…
Imagine if you have often rhythmic changes of the same meter which is common for the folk music of my region… tricking Dorico will take so much time…
Probably the Bulgarian traditional music is the Worlds most complex when it comes rhythm… most often we have meters like 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 11/16 etc.
with a lot of syncopation and rhythmic changes. Very often we have music in unmeasured rhythm…

The Cubase Pro’s metronome is more flexible and easier to use. You don’t have to do tricks…

Best regards

If you write [3+2+2]/8 in the popover, the groupings will honor the 3-2-2 divisions, but 7/8 will be displayed. How are you creating your meters?

Yep, the square brackets is what you need…

Thank you, Daniel!

I love Dorico’s flexibility!