Metronome Click pattern missing?

I’m completely new to Cubase, and am trying to set up a metronome with a 7/8-beat. Since I don’t want all the 7 beats to be of equal volume (I want a “3.5/4” beat, sort of) I googled it and found that I could change that in the metronome click pattern.

However, that doesn’t seem to exist. Under “Transport”-“Metronome Setup” I only have two tabs, “General” and “Click Sounds”, but all the tuturials also show a third one called “Click Pattern” which is missing for me. Any suggestions? I’ve got Cubase 12 (AI).

For clarification: I want the highs and lows on the metronome to go “HLHLHLH-HLHLHLH-…”, if that can be achieved in some other way than changing the click pattern that would be fine too.

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In the Tempo Editor window ([T] Key Command) add the 7/8 Time Signature. Then double-click the Time Signature event to open the editor. You can make the pattern here.

It might be, this feature is not part of Cubase AI. In Cubase Pro we do this in the Project’s window Signature Track. Double-check the Cubase editions comparison chart, please.

Nope, cannot double-click it either. Must be that it’s not part of AI then. Thanks for the reply!

Comparing the user manuals of Pro and AI, it seems click patterns are not part of AI.

Cubase Pro

Cubase AI

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Alright, that’s a bummer. I’ll use an external metronome then. Thanks!

I have moved away from using the Cubase metronome all together.
I now have a collection of MIDI tracks in my templates with a variety of patterns all connected to an instance of Groove Agent. I can then Enable the track with the pattern suitable for the song.
This gives me much more flexibility when it comes to where, when and how the click will play. Perhaps the artist wants click leading up to a chorus but not during it. I can change the pattern and/or the “click samples” anywhere in the arrangement and I also get full flexibility to what outputs I can route the click track.