Metronome click recorded/sequenced

Big hello to everyone in Cubase land. :slight_smile:

I’ve set up Elements 8 with discrete mixing so that I’m monitoring my live guitar/instrument/vocal sound as it goes into a mixer which is then sent through an aux output to the UR22. The audio outs from the UR22 are going into a stereo channel on the mixer and then the audio is going from the master outs to my monitors. Whatever channel I’m recording on is muted so I just hear the sound sent to the mixer as I record. The problem I’m having is that I have ended up with the metronome click recorded onto the guitar tracks (recorded DI, no mic on anything) I cannot work out how this is happening.Any ideas? I have thought (for future pieces) of recording the click onto a MIDI/instrument track. However I would want it in the key editor and not as audio as I often change the tempo as I’m working on the sequencing. I have the metronome set to activate midi click, it’s set to channel 10 I have a Halion plugged in on channel 10 but I’m not getting anything. TIA.


What sound is loaded in your HALion on the Channel 10? In the default settings, this Channel is empty, and there is no sound on it.

I loaded the woodblock onto channel 10 in Halion.

I now have the audio from channel 10 on the Halion playing through the channel but it is an instrument track and yet it won’t record (as notes in the key editor)

I would recommend you to don’t set the HALion Sonic as an click in the Click Setup menu. Just ignore this, and add a new common Instrument track, and create your own click in the Key Editor. Just like another track.

Do you mean by writing everything manually? I could do this and have tried. In that case how can I make all the notes equal velocity?


Yes I mean do it manually. If you need some specific metronome… I have a set of different metronomes, stored as a MIDI Loops in the MediaBay. Then I have a very quick access to any metronome, I need to - syncopation, triplets, 2+3/X; 3+2/X; etc.

If you want to make all the Notes equal Velocity: Select All (Ctrl+A), MIDI > Functions > Fix Velocity