Metronome click volume in control room.

Im confused. Was there not a volume control for the click in control room. Now I only find on-off. There is a volume in metronome but if I want to change it different for monitor mix or cue mix?

Hmm. It seems to be different on control-room-window and control-room within a mixer.

The volume fader is still in the Control room main view for the different Output channels. If in doubt, the manual has Images.

Not really.

I’ve opened the metronome control panel, turned it down there…but for me it’s just easier to render a printed click track, and not have to worry about it anymore


Of course you have to selecet the same tabs for both. Left one is main view, right one is insert view. Again a look into the manual might help.

That is it. But you also need to select phones or main to expand the view. There is no expand indication, and you can hide both (or all) but you can only show expand one.

You can also expand several.

How? If expand phone, main shrink. Expand main and phones shrink.

[shift] or [alt] or [strg] - click. One of those have to try.