Metronome doesn't work on OUT Channel

As you explained, I have create an OUT Channel to assign the metronome.
But if i assign the Metronome to this new channel, there is no longer metronome.

no auio etronoe

Works fine here. What is the “Metronome” buss, is that set to an X-32 output in Devices/Connections ? If so, are you sure that output is active in the X-32?

I tried different settings, X32 output or with other driver 'Asio4All" and I had the same result.

Works fine here too. Could you pls provide a step-bystep repro. preferably with ASIO4All, thanks.

I think the “issue” is related to the “connections”.
In the mixer, if there is one or more OUT Channel assigned to an empty connection, there is no more sound.

… that’s no issue. If a OUT Channel has no physical assignment it will not process. And so the connected Metronome channel will not process.


I agree but it seems that if there is at least one channel with empty connection, all the output are without sound. Not only the one with empty connection.

  • new project
  • add out
  • ignore warning, do not assign a connection
  • play Layer: all good, MAIN plays fine.
    So what do you do?

Ok I think it was on my side only with bad configuration sorry.

I can’t figure this out either. You’d think that this would be a simple thing, I don’t want my audience to hear the click track, right?

I have a mac. I’ve imported my STEMS I created in Cubase Pro 12. I can see them all, and everything plays fine though the speakers. Great. Now, turn on Metronome so our drummer has a click, right? metronome comes though the main speakers. No matter what I do, the Metronome comes though the main speakers.
I am using UAD Apollo Twin.
Mac - UAD for audio - audio files (STEMS) in Live - how do I get the audio to assign so the audience can not hear the click?

I’m kinda dumb, is there a step-by-step that can show me?

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