metronome in 6/8,9/8 etc..

Everytime there is a new update (now 7.5.1) I’m surprised that the clik of the metrome when using time signature in 6/8 ,9/8,12/8 etc…are allways sounding at 8th and not at quarter dotted?
When an option to choose ?
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For recording I guess you could beat it as 2/4 (or 3/4) and play in quaver triplets. Though if you want to end up with a score in 6/8 (9/8) you might be able to change the time signature after all the recordings are finished and possibly use quantisation to help.

Yeah. Me too. see

Illogical though it may seem (to myself included :stuck_out_tongue: )… set your time signature to 6/8, or 9/8 or 12/8 etc, then go into Metronome Setup, click on “Use Count Base”, and set it to 3/8 (yes, I know, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it :wink: )

The metronome is due for a huge overhaul. I think that SB never expect anyone to write in Compound time…! Whilst they are at it, they could make improvements along the lines of giving every time sig change properties, so that one could choose what the click actually should be. That way the click track could be kind of intelligent to use.


Thanks to all…hope steinberg will one day improve the click programation.
Thanks to Vic : it works: super!
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Today I bumped into this huge problem in Cubase. Try to create a click that makes any sense when having a 12/8 time signature. So that’s like a 4/4 shufle. But I absolutely need it to be 12/8 because of correct notation.
How difficult can it be to provide a click on a certain bpm?

See Steve’s topic: User defined beat values: Grid,Compound time,odd meter,Click
I think that’s the one Steve was pointing to above, but that link doesn’t work for me.