Metronome is 9.4 milliseconds early using Focusrite ASIO driver

Been running some tests. I have a very simple project with only a piano VST. I have the metronome set to 200bpm. I just play quarter notes to try to get them exactly on the metronome pulse. They all show up in the editor roughly 1/32 note early (no quanitzation). I think I got the math right, and that comes to roughly 9.4 milliseconds. Anybody have insight as to why this is happening and how i can fix it?

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More info. I’m using the Focusrite ASIO driver for my scarlett 6i6. If I switch to the Steinberg low latency ASIO driver, the problem seems to go away


Coul dit be cursed by the USB > MIDI Jitter?

Dunno. Is there a way to offset the metronome?


No, there is not, as far as I know.

Having the same issue, let me know if you’ve found any solutions.

Not really. I either quantize the track, or nudge it over to compensate.


Interesting, I can see quite some topics about the Focusrite and some running issues here on the forum in the past some weeks.