Metronome mark issue and brackets

In my scores I want the metronome mark a little bit bigger than the default setting. As I understand it the metronome mark consists of two different font settings, (i.e. music text & text) but when adding text in the metronome mark (e.d. Allegro) that goes with another font setting. Is it possible to edit the size of that one?
I know we had a discussion about brackets a while ago, which ended up in a separate setting for big band. :smiley: When working with large scores I use to have brackets covering the big sections (i.e. winds, brass etc.) But within each section I use to separate the barlines between each group (i.e. flutes, clarinets, bassoons etc) to make the score a bit more readable for the conductor. I know I can achieve this by adding a groups to every second instrumental group, but then I’ll miss the big bracket on the whole section. I know this isn’t achievable for now but do you have this on your roadmap for the future?


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Yes, I know about that font setting, but it doesn’t affect text items, such as Allegro, Andante etc.

You can edit the size of the “Allegro” marking by editing ‘Immediate Tempo Text Font’ in Engrave > Font Styles.

Ah, so many settings… :wink:

Thank you!

…which is good, so long as one knows where to find them. :unamused:

Yes, I love settings, especially when I find them! :slight_smile:

Any thoughts about my Bracket-question?

We could certainly add such an option in future, though I can’t say when that might be.

A short follow up question about bracketing:
Now I’m writing a couple of arrangements for a wind orchestra. Using the “Wind Band” bracket option works fine except for the bass clarinet, saxes and bass trombone.The saxes aren’t bracketed at all. When it comes to the bass clarinet and the bass trombone, shouldn’t they be bracketed together with the rest of the instruments of the same group? (i.e. clarinets and trombones)

Cheers! :slight_smile:

The ‘Wind band’ bracketing approach means that instruments of the same type will be bracketed together, rather than by family. Although it might be a bit counter-intuitive, if you want to bracket by family, you should use the ‘Orchestral’ bracketing approach.

Oki, I understand, even though I think it’s a bit strange that bass clarinet isn’t bracketed together with the smaller clarinets and the same thing with the bass trombone. Also strange that saxes aren’t bracketed at all in the “Wind Band” setup.

The orchestral bracketing doesn’t work for me, since the barlines aren’t separated between the different instrument groups. (i.e. flutes, clarinets etc.) In a large score (e.g. 3333 4331) it’s very difficult to navigate in the score as a conductor when the barlines aren’t separated. I’ve found a workaround for this, where I add groups to the different instrument groups in setup mode. The only downside of that workaround is that there won’t be any brackets covering the whole wood winds and brass.

We can probably add an option that will produce breaks in the barlines where the instruments change when using the ‘Orchestral’ bracketing approach. We’ll look into it.

Sounds great Daniel, thanx! :slight_smile: