Metronome mark order - popover

Thanks for the option to change the order of text and metronome mark in Tempo text.
When I change the order in the properties panel and double click the mark again, the order will be reset to the default order. Would be nice, if the property could be remembered.

When you reopen the popover for an item, that essentially re-inputs it from scratch. What is it you wanted to change by reopening the popover? If it was the text or metronome mark value, you can use the Properties panel to change those for an existing tempo mark.

Yes, that’s what I normally do, but sometimes it is much nearer to open a popover than to go all the way down to the properties panel and sometimes I unintentionally open the popover by double clicking oder hitting enter. Therefore it would be nice for Fools like me (in German I would have written “Döspaddel”, but I don’t know a translation for that), if the properties would be retained, when reopening a popover.

I see, of course – if memory serves, this has come up before around lyrics, so I’m sure it’s on the team’s radar.