Metronome mark

The score I’ve been asked to replicate has all sorts of tempo marks similar to this:

i.e. lots of whole-bar tempo settings described by various notes. Is this possible in Dorico?

If not, my backup plan is to leave it out and calculate an equivalent dotted crotchet tempo and hide it, so at least the music will play back at the correct speed.

Have you tried to fake the marking with MusGlyph?

I’ve not head of that, no. Unfortunately I’m low on time, so if Dorico can’t do it natively, I’ll have to sidestep it for now. I can always come back later and learn a few workarounds.

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Is this of any use?

I did it as plain text, using a mixture of normal text and music text, plus some changing of point sizes and shifting of baselines.
As it is, it’s a bit too large, but you’re welcome to adapt it if you feel it is useful.

Alla bulgarese.dorico (576.3 KB)

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Thank you Steven!

Hello @StevenJones01 would you be kind enough to help me with two more?

This one:

and pretty much the counter:

Thanks in advance!

These will be harder. I’ll see what I can do.

Here you go.

Metronome marks 2.dorico (982.9 KB)

Doing these was much more fiddly.

The SMuFL names of the various components, which were inserted as Music text (Bravura Text font), are:


The equals sign is just Academico Bold with a space before and after.

There was quite a lot of changing of Font Size, Letter Spacing and Baseline Shift needed to get the relative size, position and alignment.

I have made these a bit smaller than the previous ones I did for you. If they need to be bigger or smaller, you could try selecting one and using Custom scale in Properties. Alternatively, you could try making a Graphic Slice and then re-sizing that. I have not tried either of these suggestions, but they might work. Also, you should be able to select one, copy it, and paste it into another Dorico document.

The other, probably much less fiddly, approach would be to do it with the MusGlyphs font by Dan Kreider or the Metrico font by Florian Kretlow. They are designed for this sort of thing. As I don’t have either of those fonts, I don’t know offhand, though, if they can do the triplet dotted crotchet with the tremolo mark through the stem.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Here’s a version with a bigger 3.

Metronome marks 2 - bigger 3.dorico (983.5 KB)


This sort of thing is definitely not “in my wheelhouse” so I thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into these, it is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: