Metronome marking question [SOLVED]

Hi guys,

I have a piece in 6/4 and need an “Andante”…where a dotted half note = 50, but

Dorico only provides “Andante” and a quarter note of 150!

HOW can I change the (QUARTER NOTE= 150) to (DOTTED HALVE NOTE = 50)? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys

“Andante h.=150”

Thank you Josh Wood on Dorico’s FB Page:

In the tempo popover (shift+t) write “Andante 7.=50”

OK, I get it. For those with the same question, this is how it works:
Just like the “notes” in the LEFT PANEL are numbered, in the same way it is used in the “Tempo [metronome]” pop-over eg:

WHOLE NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter 8=120)
DOTTED HALF NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter 7.=120)… the “full-stop” after the 7 means “dotted” note.
HALF NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter 7=120)
DOTTED QUARTER NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter 6.=120)
QUARTER NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter 6=120)
DOTTED EIGTH NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter 5.=120)
EIGTH NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter 5=120)

and so on…

Goodness, these guys at Dorico are clever! Here is another way thanks to another guy’s response:

WHOLE NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter w=120)
DOTTED HALF NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter h.=120)… the “full-stop” after the 7 means “dotted” note.
HALF NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter h=120)
DOTTED QUARTER NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter q.=120)
QUARTER NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter q=120)
DOTTED EIGTH NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter e.=120)
EIGTH NOTE = 120 (Shift+T and enter e=120)

and so on…

Thanks, Josh!
Я ценю вашу помощь, мой друг!

To add some more information:
You can find this information in the Dorico help :wink:

Mikhail, do you have a doppelganger? I can swear I’ve seen your face before :wink:

Hi, my friend…I DID go to the Help file…but the one that ships with Dorico, but I could not find the correct topic. I typed “metronome markings”. But just now I type “tempo popover” and I find the right topic. I think the “Help File” index is not entirely dynamic.

But then, that is why we have clever friends who know this software to help an old man becoming a power user like I used to be in Finale and Sibelius.

LUVIT!!! :smiley:
Всего наилучшего!


This is a bit personal question, but I guess ALL my friends here deserves at least some explanation, so let me give it to you very shortly…because the story is HUGE!

Yes, my father was part of Russian Cossack group that toured the Southern Africa region from the 1930s to 1970s. He and my mom did something wrong and I was the result, so my South African “father” and mom registered me as “Wynand Johannes Nel” IN Zambia…where my “father” built houses for their Coppermines. My “father” died in 1984 and my real mom Maria died in 2006. But, she DID tell me from around the age of 4 that my real father was a Russian man! Now get this…I heard (3 days ago from my aunt), that apparently this Russian man, my real dad, was angry because he made a deal with my “parents” that IF my birth certificate bears HIS names and if I get baptised in a Russian Orthodox Church (where my birth records would be noted), he would leave quietly back to Russia. As my aunt says, he was angry because my “dad” gave my South African (Boer) names. He tried to explain that due to Apartheid in SA, Russians are treated badly. In fact, most SA Russians changed their names to local names at that time. So, angry as my dad was, he wanted to take me and go to Russia, but my mom refused. Apparently, some persons shot at our house (according to my aunt and nice), and they FLED back to South Africa in 1967! :open_mouth:

About two months ago, I wrote a letter to the Russian Executive Offices in Moscow, as President Putin want ALL Russians to return to Russia…even if they are still at school! So they wrote back and also sent me a picture of this Cossack Group with my dad’s face encircled. They advised me to approach the Russian Consulate in Cape Town if I want to claim my heritage back. The weird thing is, my mom gave me this EXACT B&W Picture years ago. She always used to call me “Korsakov” as I LOVED playing on the piano at four! My “dad” again called me “Mozart”!

Anyway, ULF, this is a very short version of my story…there has happened so much since the 60s…like my stay at an Orphanage and boarding schools my entire School-Life! My heart was NEVER here in South Africa, I am anyway a Zambian citizen…technically speaking.

So, after this letter from Moscow, I am claiming my REAL names back…Mikhail Vladimir Korsakov. Hans Nel is “Dead” or perhaps I shall use it as a “nom de plume”. I am learning the Russian language, so expect some Russian greetings as I learn. It is quite easy! :smiley:

So ULF, my friend, you are very perceptive. Pray for me that I find my father. He must be 75 to 80 years old by now. I hope he did not die yet! Does ANYONE here know HOW I can trace my dad in Russia? It is uncanny how same we look! Check:
Mikhail Dad.JPG
My Dad.JPG
And…perhaps, should I leave this country that has only treated me badly…even my “half-family”, it might be much easier for me to visit Hamburg. I would LOVE to meet you and the rest of the team! So, ULF, when are you guys changing my status to “Senior Member” on this forum…or must we pay for that as well? :wink:

Все самое лучшее к вам и вы умные ребята из Steinberg!

Spasibo! (Thank you) and remember, I’m still the same guy! Love you ALL!!! PRAY FOR ME, PLEASE!!!


Wow.! That will be a film! x

You have NOOOOO idea!!! :slight_smile:

I will compose the Film Score…in DORICO! :smiling_imp:

Hello Mikhail (but I have to say that I liked the name Hans as well, because it is also used here in Germany),

I was really surprised seeing your picture with that completely different name and wondered what was behind that.
Thank you for telling your story, truly stunning and moving. I do pray for you that you will find your father.

And should you ever come to Hamburg, definitely, look me up. Would love to meet you in person.

All the best

Привет, ULF!
So good to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words. I must admit that after 50 years, it is quite a “shock” to one’s identity (even if you’ve always known), to suddenly be confronted by one’s real father who is searching for his son.

YES, I mean HE is the one searching for ME. I traced the email back (through Gmail tools) to the Ukraine. He must be living there now!

I have an appointment with the Russian Consulate next week. I truly hope I can restore my heritage as well. It is easy to change my names back, but I hope it will not be difficult to get the Russian Federation to restore my heritage. I NEED to belong again…and Russian Music and Chromatic Harmony runs in my blood!

Oh, in a way I also liked “Hans” because I take lessons from my great German mentor “Hans Zimmer”!

Thanks for praying…and I ask ALL believers to do the same for me. God bless you all!

ULF, may God bless you, your wife AND your two beautiful daughters! You look like the perfect family…I admire you! :slight_smile:


Да благословит Господь всех моих музыкальных братья и sistes в злом мире. Мы не развлекать ядерного оружия, но музыка…наш общий язык. Не имеет значения, где на этой планете мы живем! Любовь и уважение к вам!

Dear Mikhail,

All I can say is… love and peace to you and all the best of luck. Your story is amazing! I was going to say be strong, but in your case I will say stay strong! :slight_smile: