Metronome Music Text Font missing in D4

First of all, thanks for this upgrade. Not only impressive but reaching nearer and nearer the Gold Standard. Bravissimi!

Now a little bug: Dorico 4 does not display the Metronome Music Text Font (ex.: “half” = 80). It draws a blank space before the “equal”.

It is a new project that I did from scratch (copying a few pages of a symphony) to get acquainted with the new features.

Perhaps an update or a new installation? (I have moved to another computer a few days ago and D3.5 works perfect).

Thanks in advance. Cheers for all the team.

Gerardo Delgado

Did you restart your computer after installing Dorico 4?

Have you made a restart after the D4 installation? if not, after the restart everything shall work again

It worked! The urge to try…