Metronome muted and bad management of MUTE/SOLO

If I add at least 2 tracks (I only test with 2 MIDI files).
If I play with the MUTE and SOLO buttons with the 2 Midi tracks, the metronome will be muted with no SOLO activated (normally it is only muted if one track is SOLO).

Steps to reproduce :
Both tracks have to have their OUT MIDI configured (in my case on a VST)

1- Play the song
2- Solo Track 1 (Layer, Metronome and Track 2 become MUTED, Song is SOLO ?!!!)

3- Un-Solo Track 1 (Layer, Metronome, Track 2 are is still MUTED. Track 1 and Song become MUTED ?!!) => Layer and Metronome should not be Muted.

4- Solo Track 2, then un-solo Track 2 (layer and Metronome become un-muted, Track 1 become muted, Song become MUTED ?!!!)

Etc… strange behaviors

Thank you but steps to reproduce…you must have hit Solo at some point, but dont mention that, correct?
If in solo mode, and any of the tracks are not muted, the Song bus is also soloed, else you couldn’t hear them (because tracks are routed to the song bus initially). But maybe there’s something else missing that you are doing.

Hi @musicullum ,
I’m sorry, for step 2, I wrote Mute Track 1 but I modified now by Solo Track 1.

ok, thanks.

That’s correct. The Instrument is routed to the Song bus (named after Song) and thus it needs to be soloed as well. Click the “e” button on that channel to extend it so you can see why (instr. solo)

Here, Track 2 is soloed when I try to un-solo track 1, and that is clearly wrong. We’ll check, thanks for reporting!

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Hi @musicullum ,

Please look also at mixer side about MUTE/SOLO, there is also a bad management
The above behavior seems to be related to severals songs. if I go to another song and I change for example Mute or Solo, when I come-back to the mixer (the song as gif above), Mute and Solo seems to work correctly… Not sure…

Pls check again with the new beta, does it work out for you now?

Hi @musicullum,

No, still the same strange behavior :


… yes, sorry. Will be fixed with the next update,