Metronome - no sound output

A repetitive problem - engage metronome - no sound. I have meter popping, but no output. I have all the settings in the metronome setup correct, and meters are popping in Control Room. Have audio output set to ‘Stereo’ as all my audio tracks are. What am I missing??

The metronome has two places where it is activated (if you use the Control room)

Maybe that’s what you are missing ( but that’s just a guess …)


This is another place to check…
“Audio connections” (Under “Studio” menu), the “Outputs” tab, is there a “Click” column, if so is there a “click” in the Stereo Out row?

THANKS Folks. I ended up pasting the tracks into a different project that did have a working metronome! Sheeeeesh. I wish the metronome was much, much easier to use.