Metronome note value and a layout question

Hello there!

I have two questions I cannot solve…

  1. In Properties panel -> Tempo
    I wand to change the metronome unit value from crotchet to dotted crotchet (for 9/8 rhythm).
    But this option (in german “Zählzeiteinheit”) is greyed out - so how do I change it?

  2. Layout -> engrave mode
    I wand to make a bar with a break the last bar on the page so that the musician can turn pages stressless.
    I’m sure there’s an easy way but I am a little ashamed - I couldn’t figure it out, so please help ^_^°

Best Regards!

Dear Ralf-77,
You cannot change that metronome unit value yet. What I do in those cases is I write that tempo again, from scratch, using the shift-T popover (here you could write 6.=whatever tempo you want or q.=whatever tempo you want)
In engrave mode, you can insert breaks where you want : select the barline you want to end the page, and click on the button [Page break] in the left panel. You can manually adjust any system breaks too (key shortcut shift S in engrave mode) after selecting the barline…
Hope it helps !

Dear Marc,
Many thanks for your fast and helpful reply!
Best Regards