Metronome out of sync with audio recording

Hi all,

I’m just starting with LE AI Elements 9.5. I’ve recorded tracks with the metronome, but on playing back I’ve found that they are out of sync with the metronome. Just to be sure it’s not my lousy playing, I’ve tried playing just single notes on the metronome beats. If I record several tracks this way, the notes are in sync with each other, just not with the metronome.

For another twist, I recorded myself playing along to these recorded single notes. The result was out of sync with both the original recording and the metronome. But by different amounts. So I can’t record myself against other previously recorded instruments, which is a pretty big limitation.

I hope someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong (probably something obvious!). I’m recording a guitar via a cheap Behringer USB input cable and ASIO4ALL. I’m “monitoring” my unamplified guitar sound through the air, listening to the metronome on headphones at the same time.

I’ve found the answer: switch to an old version of GarageBand on my even older Mac. Problem gone :slight_smile: