Metronome Out Of Sync

Title says it all, really! Never had this one before, but it’s a few ms out with reality! Anyone else?




How do you it’s out? What is the reference for you?

How do you it’s out? What is the reference for you?

Know? If I had to guess it would be something like going into record using Cubase’s audio click and discovering the sequence and click are out of sync. Hmmm…which to follow…which to follow. Seriously, that’s exactly what happened to me the other day. Unfortunately, it just happened the once. I stopped the recording and started over. No problem the second time and subsequent times, since.

I just thought I’d mention that Mr. Helstrip is not alone noticing this. Unfortunately, he didn’t elaborate much, did he?

What happens if you render the click to audio or midi, are they out ?

Impossible for me to test. It happened just the once (so far) …so apparently, it’s one of those random things that can’t be predictably reproduced. All I wanted to do is report that I have experienced in C10 what Steven opened this thread about. I should mention I’ve never encountered the click and sequence out of sync in any previous version of Cubase. So this was a new one to me.

As I remember, the sync time difference was about 200-300ms. And when I played back what I had done, the new performance was quite out of time. I attribute that simply to the confusion of listening to two different opinions as to where the beat actually was.

Just an update, my metronome has been fine on my latest project. However, quantised events on my previous project were out with the metronome by a few ms, which is pretty clear to hear when you have a kick solo’d with the metronome on! Maybe a one time glitch, since no one else has seen this.