Metronome recorded

Hello, I bought the app yesterday and it looks pretty great, but when I tried to record my own songs following the metronome, it gets recorded!!! how can that be possible? :frowning: shoudln’t be so hard to just follow the metronome without it being recorded. I followed the instructions on the manual for using headphones so the metronome doesn’t get recorded but it still records the damn thing. My gear is: Cubasis + Audiobus + JamUP Pro XT connected using a griffin cable ( and that’s it, I don’t seem to find a way for using the metronome and recording at the same time without that beep on my songs :cry: , am I missing something here? please help me out…

Thanks in advance!!! :smiley:

I’m not 100% sure, but I think your problem is the cable. I’ve read elsewhere that any interface that uses the earphone in for recording has terrible crosstalk problem especially using high gain amp typ effects. So, at a guess what’s happening is the metronome you’re listening to is bleeding back into the input.

Thanks for the reply man! :slight_smile: but, so you’re saying I shouldn’t use the headphones directly from the cable? how else can I set it up? it has the same structure as the iRig cable, it just comes with the guitar cable so you don’t have to connect any other cable other than the one for headphones… I’m a bit confused… :-/

Thanks again!!! :smiley:

Use an interface that connects to 30 pin or Lightning jack, depends on model, not the headphone jack.


I am very new to this recording lark and downloaded Cubasis last week and trying learn how to use it.

I have a iRig guitar adapter which appears to be a Cubasis recommended product and have also experienced this problem. The guitar is a semi acoustic and was plugged in and i was using headphones so the click track is definately leaking through to the recording somewhere in the software or hardware. I did download garageband as a experiment and this does not happen so the iRig is not faulty.

I initially assumed it was myself in not using Cubasis properly but having read the previous post on here would request some advice to solve this issue, i can’t figure out a way to use the metronome without it leaking in,


P.S. I do have one other querry but will leave that for another day, one step at a time…

hey Martyn,

as already mentioned in previous posts, it is a hardware problem you are experiencing. If you use an interface which plugs into the headset conector, it will lead to massive crosstalk.

Therefore you should use an interface which plugs into the 30- pin dock connector.

Check this Thread for further info.

kind regards

I thank you for reply and note your comments re the problems with the hardware.

My question to your reply would be, why are Steimberg therefore recomending under the title “Compatible Products” the IK Multimedia i rig which i have purchased at a cost of £30 which would appear to now be £30 wasted ?? Surely you test these products before recomending them…

Somewhat dissapointed