Metronome recording to tracks

I’m new to recording…I was making progress when I learned this (and read it in the in-app help): “If you record audio material with the metronome turned on make sure you use earphones, or the metronome clicks will be recorded into your project.”

I’m connecting my iPad to a Behringer 502 mixer via USB…and my headphones are attached to the mixer (along with guitar, mic, etc.) So I’m confused…what use is the metronome if it’s going to record to every track? And how can I attach headphones to the iPad? When the mixer is plugged into the USB-C port, it kills bluetooth. I’m lost.


Hello? Anyone?

Hi iamthelummox,

The metronome is there to help and guide you, to play “in time” when recording a track.
Normally, you would not want to record the metronome to a track. That’s why the headphone topic is mentioned in our help.

Your setup sounds to be correct, and there should be no issue to record the metronome on the track given your setup.

Please check if our available Cubasis Song Tutorial is of any help for you: How to Record a Song with Cubasis LE | Getting Started with Cubasis LE - YouTube
While it has been produced a while ago, the basic steps are the same for Cubasis 3.


Thanks Lars! I’ll give that a look…

Great, thanks for the update, iamthelummox!
If you want to learn more afterwards, there are tons of additional tutorials available… :slight_smile:

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Hope you will enjoy using Cubasis 3!