Metronome Routing / Buss (help)?

Hi folks,

I am trying to make some online videos (You Tube mainly) of me recording some tracks in Cubase [using VoiceMeeter (Audio Routing) and Camtasia (Movie Maker)]. I started a thread on the topic of ‘Camtasia’ (Audio/Visual Software?) and have managed to get some of these issues resolved and up and running (thank you Jasmes and UltimateOutsider!).

But I have a separate issue (which is why I am starting a new thread) regarding the METRONOME within Cubase. A could of people have already given me some help but I have decided to see if anyone else has experience the same scenario.

So, I am trying to screenshoot a video of me recording a track/song and whilst I am recording, I want myself and the viewers to be able to hear the Cubase METRONOME. Then, when I play-back the Cubase recording (still in Camtasia during the screenshoot), I do not want the METRONOME to be present. So I am asking what you would normally do yourself which it use the METRONOME during the recording of the first track (to keep in time!), and then disable it during playback (so you can just listen to the musical audio.

I have Artist 7.5 and using a Steinberg Ci2+ interface. My headphones are connected to the Ci2+ Headphone jack Output.

I have made a video which will explain the scenario more understandably and accurately should anyone be kind enough to view :-

Thanks a lot in advance.


PM reply from UltimateOutsider

Hey man, I looked at your videos. I couldn’t find a thread here related to them. Did you post the videos at a different forum?

Anyway, I don’t think Cubase Artist has the ability to route click track audio to a different channel. Full Cubase lets you do that in something called the Control Room, but that’s not an Artist feature. HOWEVER, I have a couple suggestions?

•Instead of using an audio click, you can actually set up a MIDI click and route that to a MIDI instrument that’s not sending audio into Cubase. You could maybe just pop an earbud in your ear under your headset so you can hear the clicks, but no one else will hear it. You can set this up in Transport > Metronome Setup.
•Instead of using the metronome/click track, you could lay down a real simple groove (or just use one of the default patterns in Beat Designer with one of the built-in Halion kits). That would help you keep on time, but wouldn’t be annoying to listeners like a click track would.
•Thinking about MIDI click tracks again, you could also do that, but instead of having a synth that’s not sending audio to Cubase, you could use a synth or drum machine to play a more pleasant sound than the click. So listeners would still hear the sound, but it could be like a closed hat or a sidestick or a shaker or something. It would sound more natural.

It’s an ASIO/Windows limitation that you can’t use more than one ASIO device at a time (for example you couldn’t record your USB headset audio in Cubase if your Steinberg interface was active without doing some internal routing inside Windows). I imagine that’s why you’re using that additional app to manage audio in your video recordings. Some people get around this by doing “device aggregation” inside Asio4All. I have never done this, and don’t know how you’d set it up, but if that’s something you’re interested in, there are people around who do it.

Hmm, when I wrote my original answer, I was thinking that YOU wanted to be able to hear the metronome, but you didn’t want someone watching the video to be able to hear it, so I was trying to think of was you could achieve that. But in your post you say you DO want listeners to be able to hear it while you’re recording.

If you simply want to be able to control when it’s audible vs not audible while you’re recording your video, just toggle it on/off by clicking the “CLICK” button or pressing C on your computer’s keyboard?

(Or do you still want to be able to hear it yourself even though it’s not audible in the video? Now I’m confused.)

Thanks UO,

I want to be able to hear the CLICK (inc. PreCount) during the recording of a track, and I also want the viewer to be able to hear this as well. Then, I will say something like “Let’s playback and listen to what I have just recorded”, or “Now I am going to record another track over the top of track one”. At this point, I do not want the CLICK anymore (either for myself or the viewer). I can keep ‘time’ just by playing along to track one (which will be ‘in time’ because it was recorded with a CLICK).

But (and this is where I think you are correct), because Cubase Artist ‘Devices’ is not giving me any other options of routing the CLICK anywhere else than the ‘VoiceMeeter’ (as in the video I posted), the CLICK is getting recorded (by Camtasia) as ‘System Sound’ and there is no way I can separate it from the Audio/Midi/Instrument track (I am recording) in the Cubase project.

Hope that makes a bit more sense now. I may make another video tomorrow just to try and explain it a bit better.

Much appreciated.


Okay- so why don’t you just press C to disable the click when you’re done with it?

Here’s a little video explaining what I mean.

Thank you UO for taking the time to post a video !

I will try it out later on today.

Sorry I was initially not able to accurately describe the issue in ‘words’. I should have posted a video of the scenario in the first place (though I have only had Camtasia trial for a couple of weeks so I am still learning this also).


Quick hardware video if it helps :-

Sorry about shaky webcam !

Here is Click Buss & Audio quick video demo :-

Thanks a lot guys,


Ah, I didn’t realize you were recording as audio. Of course that usually wouldn’t matter, because the click sound isn’t supposed to get recorded as audio either, but the way audio’s being routed into Cubase in your setup is causing a problem.

I am not familiar with the Voice Meter program, so I don’t understand how it’s sending Cubase’s own metronome click back into Cubase’s inputs. You might have said this in the video, but in Cubase, what are you selecting for your Input bus? Is there a way to have it get the Synth input directly instead of the mixed signal from Voice Meter?

Thanks UO.

Again, I am not given any choice(s) other than the VoiceMeeter software.
Buss In.PNG

Here is another method I tried tonight using a self-created Midi track instead of the onboard Metronome :-

Thanks a lot.


Having a big reconsideration about this VoiceMeeter (type) software because I am beginning to think it may be causing me more issues than actually solving them. What concerns me is that every time I record a new audio track (Piano/Bass/Guitar/etc) I will be experiencing the SAME problem each time I record a new audio track. Meaning, just like the metronome or self made Click Track, the audio of every Track is going to keep getting re-recorded into Cubase again and again !!

I have emailed a great amount of You Tube members who have similar videos posted to what I am hoping to be able to emulate and achieve, but not one person has replied ! Quite amazing really as I thought maybe the odd person would come forth and offer a little advice ?

Wow, I have been struggling with this same issue for years, and have spent many hours tearing my hair out…If I understand you correctly, when I enable the click track for recording, I also record the sound of the click track in that recorded track…also, if I make my own click track, as you did in your video, I also get the same results…the click track recorded into my audio track.

I thought I was the only one in the world with this problem!!!

If you have had any success, let me know - I now just use a external metronome, but it would be useful and more convenient using the click track in cubase…


Hello Firebird,

Thank you for your reply.

No, I have never managed to sort out this issue. To be honest it drove me so mad and held me back that I (much to my displeasure) kind of just gave up on it. People kindly gave me suggestions but none of them cured it 100% in the way that I had hoped.

I do still plan to make some more videos (I currently have a thread active on here entitled ‘Audio/Visual [help]’), but I got so sidetracked with the metronome problem that it held me up in purchasing the appropriate video editing software and camcorder.

I have learned along the way that some people place the video camera (with a built in condenser mic) directly at their PC screen (with Cubase open), and also/or use an external metronome (as you yourself said you do) instead of the one within Cubase. Whilst this may work in a fashion, I do not feel that it is a particularly suitable or sophisticated solution and that there must be some other way around this matter. I did in fact contact quite a few professional You-Tube type members who had uploaded some excellent tutorials (asking for their advice) but not one of them replied!