Metronome sound in Artist 9.5

Suddenly I’m having problems with metronome in Artist 9.5, it worked fine until now. Using Midi just a monotonous piano key sound which is out of step with the music. When I try to use Audio click, either with Steinberg sounds or with custom audio there is nothing to be heard.
I’ve wasted about a day on this and I’m not a dummy, having had Cubase since first midi version in 1990.
When I look for help a lot of the items refer to Cubase 9.5 (eg mention control room which I don’t have) and I’m certainly not going to spend money to upgrade just to get the metronome working.
I can’t understand why the Cubase software has become so clunky, Nuendo 4.3 was such a simple and clear programme to use ten years ago but we seem to have gon backwards in some ways.

Relax. Have you checked the manual pages on this?

Make sure that “Select Audio Click Outputs” is set to use the correct audio output.

If the setting doesn’t show up, simply do this:

-Press F4 and add another Output Bus (Stereo Out 2)
-In the Click Setup select the first Stereo Out bus as a Click Destination
-Delete the Stereo Out 2 bus in the Audio Connections > Outputs.

It’s possible that your metronome was setup to use an output bus that doesn’t exist, maybe due to a crash messing up with your preferences.