Metronome sound reverting when moving between Write and Play Bug

Dorico Elements 3.5.12, osx 10.14.6

I create an empty project with a flute →
navigate to play →
open dorico beep →
switch to Program 4 →
save as preset and save as default →
enable metronome →
press play →
metronome sound plays correctly →
stop →
move to write page →
press play →
metronome uses prog 1 sound →
navigate back to play →
open dorico beep →
metronome sound displayed is still prog 4

Add to this another bug - when saving dorico beep to default, it doesn’t retain default on new project - even if I click ‘reset to default’ it does not load Prog 4

Dorico’s click settings are controlled from within Playback Options (see Changing the click settings ).
If you’re using Elements, you don’t have the ability to alter those Playback Options. Sorry!

So the instrument option beside the Dorico Beep under Time in Play, which presents the functionality of changing the beep, and does change the beep type, reverts back intentionally?

To the best of my knowledge, the only purpose of DoricoBeep’s appearance is to give Playback Options something to control. I can’t actually persuade any of the four programs within DoricoBeep to change the beep sound at all, though here it does seem to retain the selection of Program 4 if I switch to Write mode.

Maybe @Ulf can shed some light on it.

Dorico will always send a program change to DoricoBeep at the start of playback, so you can’t practically override the beep sound directly in its UI. We really only provide the edit button in the Time track so that you can show the interface for a different plug-in if you choose to use that to provide the click.

And by the way, we have only 3 different metronome sounds at the moment. Program 4 is just a provision for maybe another sound we might add in the future, but it’s just a dummy for the moment.