Metronome sounds missing

CBP10 - my metronome sounds list is empty. Only custom sound is the standard Woodblock. No Clave, nothing. Checked in the Click Sound Sets folder in Steinberg Preferences and the folder is empty. I reinstalled the FULL version of CBP10 again and no luck. What happened to the new audio click sounds introduced in 9.5?


Anyone else have this issue? Is it a CBP10 issue?

OK…I found the “Custom” sounds that were introduced in CBP9.5. They are NOT in any preferences folder. They live within the Cubase app itself. App > Show Package Contents > Content > Click Samples … See pic.
So Steinberg, its up to you to fix the bug…PLEASE? I thought the sounds were erased. NOPE! They’re there. Just not opening in the Metronome Setup window like they should. I even tried to drag them in, no luck.

Anyone else missing their metronome sounds within CB10?? Look at my attachment. They’re on the hard drive in the Cubase app, but NOT available inside the running program. Why?