metronome sounds records also inside an audio track

I found metronome sounds records also inside an audio track, because I hear it when playback

how to avoid it ??
Seems using in a VST instrument track doesn’t have this problem

Was the audio track a vocal?
I have had the same thing when the clicks through the headphones are picked up by the microphone.

Without more information I would guess that’s your problem and, if so, just play with the metronome controls until they aren’t picked up by your microphone.

Hope this helps,

Jim B

Jim’s point is absolutely spot on (I also suffer from this sometimes) but also, knowing a bit about your set-up from another issue, it could be because you’re routing the metronome sound to your mixer and everything from there is then being recorded. Of course I could be completely wrong…just guessing from what I can see on the design of the mixer you’re using as an interface.

i use yamaha MG10Xu as an audio audio input to mixer, when record the audio with metronome,
when playback, also has the metronome. please find the setup in the capture

Yes, but how are you listening to your recording whilst doing it?

If you are monitoring your recording using the mixer then it will record the metronome onto the audio track.

yes I am monitoring the recording using the mixer.
so how to avoid this ?
I want to have metronome during records, but no metronome when play back

Switch the output of channel 9/10 to Monitor Not Stereo.

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+1 to what Grim said.

thankyou it works!!!


I would LOVE to be able to record the mentronome on a specific track.

This is what I LIKE about Pro-tools but alas it is not available in SB products.