Metronome temporary solution in 10.0.30 MacOS

Found temporary solution of metronome issue on Mac:

  1. Open metronome Setup
  2. While holding “OPT (ALT)” key on a keyboard press “Choose”.
  3. As soon as you see the output dialogue release the “OPT (ALT)” key.
    Edit window will disappear and the output dialogue will stay.
    Voila, you can now choose the metronome output.

Made a short video to be clear:


Sorry I cannot get that to happen at all, and I’d love it if it did work as a temporary solution!

I tried all the other key combo’s I could think of as well and still no luck.


Here is the original report thread.

Hmm. That’s strange. I checked it multiple times. Restarted Cubase and checked again. Checked on another machine. It works for me.


Are you on Cubase 10.0.30 (it’s 10.0.30 only, it worked in the previous versions)? Are you on Mac (it’s Mac only), which macOS version? What mouse do you use?

Both machines with High Sierra 10.13.6, both have Magic mouse and standard mac keyboard.
Never checked the way I described on another Cubase version except 10.0.30 just because the issue with metronome output appeared only in this very version. Also not able to check it because Steinberg deleted the previous versions from their page. Support service advised me “to use control room” which I consider a poor answer to my question where I could get version 10.0.20.
So, I found the temporary solution. At least for myself.

Yes I’ve same problem. I desactive the control room and now, I can not select a master output for click output. I don’t wan’t use control room because audio signal to vst has been routed to control room with the master output. So when I use vst, now there is audio routed to master output and control room (two track in fact).

I can’t come back to original setup for click output and now I’m don’t have solution. May be it is possible to change the setup in xml file? but where is the good file?

Help !!