Metronome that can swing?

I love what Cubase have done with the metronome and I’m looking forward to using it. The only thing missing to the metronome in my opinion is the ability to add a groove or swing. I hope I’m not alone…

Here, having the same Hope :slight_smile:

Metronomes don’t swing. Musicians do that. The first step is to set the metronome to emphasis the 2 and the 4 :

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That’s exactly what I said to myself when I read the heading of the thread. But then I moved on.

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Such a ‘muso’ response from you guys!

There’s some very sound reasons for this request.

For example at very slow tempo’s 2 & 4 is useless so having a sub division is necessary, and plain straight or triplet is pretty limiting.

Also some grooves can heavily lay back on the 2 & 4 so they are late to the grid - how does a shed building metronome really help here?

We have a groove template in Cubase so we can handle quantising and grooves to a very deep level. Recent versions of the metronome have been updated greatly and it certainly doesn’t take a musical genius to realise that having the metronome follow this could be extremely useful.

Not that it matters much, but I’m not a supporter of this idea. Semantically, a metronome is just a metronome, and whether its jazz or not, isn’t swing the difference beetween the swing rhythm and the beat?

To me this request duplicates the functions that already exist in the quantize and groove features.

A metronome is a device to help musicians stay in time - a tool. Tools can be simple - like a traditional clockwork metronome or they can be more sophisticated - like Cubase currently is.

I record a lot of top session drummers and they all have their own style of click they like to play to. None of them want 2 & 4, they want a click on every beat. And some of them want sub divisions too. Cubase should be able to handle this with ease, but unless you want a gridded 8th note or triplet 8th note you are better off programming one, which is a real shame and such a waste of time.

Currently, I can divide a 4/4 bar in up to 64 in the click creator - that’s a hemi demi semi quaver for the musically literate! So I could for example create the most stupid click track ever - like say 27 clicks in a bar, but I can’t use a groove that’s already in the system and the basis for the track that I’m working on. Just saying…

That’s interesting – I’m not sure what you’re after exsists in any DAW though. I might be wrong about this. Couldn’t you program a beat with a click type sound and apply swing to that?

Just like in Live and Cubase when groove templates first started happening…you are WAY better off making up a simple midi loop quantising it to your groove. Swing is only a small part of the equation…if you really want to explore the nth degree…then check a Djembe Fola…crazy groove and micro groove/beat that is like an organic machine.

Just ctrl+k and fill it as a tempo track…much easier and simple…and exactly as you want it. Swing is a minimal and mainstream variation of timing imvho

Keep these as parts/track archive and just fly it in…or if you are ocd like me, keep a couple of norms stored in a folder track and delete what you dont use per session.

I hardwire all my stuff into foldered groups of 8…the equivalent of using a channel strip ie you always know where everything is