metronome to a channel

I searched the forum as I believe this has been answered before, but I can’t find the solution. My apologies if I’m blind to the obvious.

I want to send the click to a channel/fader so I can control the volume - and include it in my mix because… I post mp3s for my band members which often need the click. I don’t want to have to render the click track.

I know I used to be able to do this by simply checking a box in the “audio connections” window. I see there is something similar to it in the metronome setup but it doesn’t matter where I send the “audio click outputs>choose/any bus” it doesn’t go to any of my choices.

Where did that option go?

Cubase 10.0.40 build 284

What is Cubase 10.0.40 build 284…?

That’s a good question. As a workaround, if you send the click to a vst instrument and choose the real time export option, you’ll get the click.

I understand but are you aware of the fact that rendering the click track is now pretty easy? You can just use the function “Render MIDI/Audio Click between Locators” which is accessible via Signature Track.


I had the same problem, as I wanted to control the click with console 1.
I stopped using Cubase’ own metronome and use this one now inserted into a channel:

It’s from the Soundbytes magazine and the dev is also on KVR.