Metronome volume adjustment?


I recently upgraded my Elements 9.5 to a 10 Pro version. But during recording, the sound of the clicktrack/metronome is way to low. Even when my volume-knob om my soundcard is on MAX it still drowns in the backing music. This was not an issue in the Elements 9.5.

The “Audio Click Level” is at “127”, wich is max, weirdly enough.

Any suggestions?

The LEVELS in the High and Low categories are at 50%, turn them UP

Outside of that turn your tracks down so you can hear the click??

  1. What I do while tracking is simply put a limiter on the main outs to give me more volume on playback whilst Im tracking, this will give you more headphone volume and phone bleed of course. Turn the limiter threshold down and the volume goes up, turn the tracks down and voila

  2. I find the best solution to this is simply create a group track for ALL tracks while Im tracking and then I can move the overall track volume up and down easily without affecting the click level.

  3. Many approaches to this issue.

Thanks for the reply!

I´ll look into this!

I not sure about the elements though. On full cubase you have a cue, on the cue there is a metronome on/off and a volume. But no volume on metronome on main output. It is so stupid that Im not even sure that there is no way for it.