METRONOME Volume control with HARDWARE

I have a Nektar GX49 which has built in Cubase support and it works great. I have other bits of kit I can use for DAW control so I only need the GX49 for the key bed. As such, I want to use the buttons and mainly the KNOB as a generic remote. In studio / studio setup I made sure the GX49 is not connected to the GX49 Device Entry and have added it as a GENERIC REMOTE.

I did a LEARN for the first entry as generic remote and it’s learned the singular spinning knob as Controller / CHAN 16 / Address 20. All is well.

NOW, what I want to do is simply ASSIGN this to CONTROL THE METRONOME VOLUME and it’s just not working.


does nothing.

Metronome is activated, output is stereo out. its set as Use Audio Click.

how do i do such a simple thing as map a physical volume knob on a midi controller to raise and lower the sound of the metronome click.

With this configuration in the Generic Remote setup it works for me.

Thanks for this. I used to get this with my Yamaha n12 but didn’t think it was possible without it. I now have it working with one of my keyboard sliders. Brilliant and glad i came across this even though I wasn’t looking! Cheers

I got this working by getting a NEKTAR P1 and on the transport section there is a dedicated CLICK vol. I think in order to use the GX49 to do it I would have to completely uninstall the software for it, as it keeps adding itself back which was overriding the met control. So it is working well now on the P1 which is really freaking awesome to use. and yes, having a hardware knob for click volume is very handy!