Metronome volume erratic during recording/playback/idle

Metronome volume erratic during recording/playback/idle. iPad Pro 12.9”. cubasis 2.4.1, iOS 11.3. iRig Pro. Recording Midi and audio simultaneously: 1 Midi track, one mono audio track. Metronome volume accents different beats often (random), gets louder and softer without warning and for no apparent reason. Metronome almost inaudible until maxing out metronome volume in Cubasis settings, only to be blasted out during recording when metronome volume suddenly jumps up to a level far above what was heard in settings (ouch!). I suggest large visual metronome option, and at least a handful of sounds to choose from for the metronome (like woodblock, sidestick, hi-hat, etc). (Side note: M4A Bitrate settings option max is 192 (I think), only 128 is fully visible; why no 320? Why no MP3 option?.. Why no sheet music notation yet in Cubasis?) - Thank you

Hi h-e-l-lo,

Thans for your message.

So far we have not seen the metronome issue, is it reproducible at your end (or intermittent)?

Regarding the M4 Bitrate issue:
The problem will be solved with the next Cubasis update.