Metronome Volume Quick Control

As tracks get added to a project, the metronome will naturally become masked and harder to hear. Likewise, a metronome setting loud enough to cut through a ful mix will be obnoxiously loud when used on one or two solo’d tracks. The click volume can be adjusted in the metronome settings window, but this is several clicks away and annoying for on the fly adjustments while tracking.

I would love to see an easier way to adjust this without needing to go into menus. Any (or or multiple) of the following would suffice:

  1. Metronome volume slider on the transport/transport-zone
  2. Optional volume slider in the mixer
  3. Keyboard shortcuts to increase/decrease volume incrementally
  4. Assignable midi CC parameter to adjust metronome volume

Anyone else want this besides me?

I would probly be happy with just having the volume showing up in the mixer.

There are some options to reduce Clicks.
I use generic remote. So I have a dedicated midi fader wich controls the metronome volume. Higly recommended if you have a controller.
There is also the option of rendering the signature track audio or midi. This will generate a click track.

But it dosent hurt having more options.