Metronome with sub-division

I’d like to request the metronome with sub-division feature.

For example, my main project is at 120 bpm, instead of having quarter note click, I wish to have options of 8th/16th/32th (or any other odd division) click on my msater 120 bpm tempo instead of changing the tempo to achieve the result.

This will be extremely handy for writing with different type of instruments. IMHO.

Well, if you simply want to have the click on every xth note, set it in the metronome settings, under Precount Options>Use Count Base.

+1, would be helpful if this was available with just one click in the transport panel as opposed to the metronome settings window.

Not only in precount, also during play back is the feature that I’m looking for.

But if you try it, you’ll see it works in all modes: precount, record, playback.