Mezzo-Soprano Playback Problem

Hey all,

I’m working in a flow with oboe, cello, piano, and mezzo-soprano. When I use the playback, everything plays back fine except the MS, which does nothing. Is there a way to check to make sure I have it connected to the instrument library, or any way to fix this? Thanks!

Switch to Play mode and expand the player. What sound is it assigned to?

If you’re using the defaults, you may want to simply reset the playback template.

Thanks for the reply! I tried that, and it didn’t work. I also tried switching between different voice options, but none of them seem to be playing back. So, it seems to be a problem with that whole section of instruments.

I suspect you haven’t installed the Dorico 3 sounds, so you don’t have the Olympus Choir Micro choral sounds, and so Dorico can’t load any sounds for your vocal/choral instruments. You’ll find the appropriate installed in Steinberg Download Assistant or from this page.

Thanks Daniel. I’ve downloaded it, and checked to make sure it’s there, but the voice is still not playing back for some reason. Do I need to manually put it in Dorico somehow?

All is good! I just closed Dorico entirely, then switched the instrument to something random, and switched it back. All is well. Thank you very much!