mf poco cresc. - - -

I want to enter the dynamic ‘mf poco cresc.’ followed by a dashed line. I am having no success. If I type those words in that order, I get ‘poco mf’ and the ‘cresc.’ is ignored. If I enter ‘mf poco’ as a ‘prefix’ to ‘cresc.’, the ‘mf’ is not printed as a dynamic. Is there any way of combining these dynamics other than entering them separately at adjacent rhythmic positions?
(Brief rant) This seems to be one of those situations where Dorico’s insistence on ‘understanding’ what you write gets in the way of getting work done. There will always be edge cases that are just outside Dorico’s comprehension. (End rant)

  1. Actually, you want [rant], followed by the rant itself, and then [/rant] to end.

  2. For your actual question: type “mf cresc,” and add the prefix “poco” to JUST the cresc. then select the cresc, Ctrl-8 properties window, select “gradual style” and choose dashed line. And abbreviate the cresc.

While you’re sometimes right… in this case, Dorico is smart enough to do what you want, so no rant needed! :wink:

[thanks] Dan [/thanks] :wink:

I know this is a very old post but my goodness, wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could type “mp poco cresc” in the dynamics popup and have it put in what we want without the several extra steps of going to the properties windows? I’ve been racking my brain for an hour trying to figure this out. So stupid to have to go into properties to do this.