mf-pp, mp-pp etc

Dear Dorico team,

I sincerely thank you for your recent update.

I would like to ask if the followings would be possible:

  1. A text alignment option for combined dynamics such as mf-pp:
    I understand this symbol has a meaning like fp with a subtle difference.
    Currently, the default position is calculated by considering all characters of mf-pp.
    Thus, it is placed a bit left side of a note.
    Screenshot 2018-11-29 14.59.10.png
    Adjusting the text to left lets the position slightly to right.
    Screenshot 2018-11-29 14.59.22.png
    I think a new option is here required:
    Align Optical Center of the first part of dynamic (dynamic before ‘-’ character) with Notehead.

  2. Using mp-pp or p-ppp are very uncommon, but it would be great if Dorico supports this as well.
    Currently, inputting “p-ppp” results “pppp” and inputting “mp-pp” results in “mp”.

Best regards,
Screenshot 2018-11-29 14.59.22.png
Screenshot 2018-11-29 14.59.10.png

Thanks for the requests, which we will consider for future versions.