Mf3 Files

Does anyone know if .mf3 files can be opened in Cubase? I believe these filetypes are a form of midi.

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Yes, MP3 files can be opened in Cubase.

No, MP3 is not form of MIDI. MIDI is about data (“this key has been pressed”), MP3 is about the audio signal. MP3 is compressed WAV.

Hi Martin. This is not an mp3 file. The mf3 file is an older type of midi file. I believe it was used by Ensoniq. Some current midi playing machines will read this format e.g. Merish5. I want to know if this filetype can be opened in Cubase.

Unfortunately information about midi is not easy to find these days. Probably because peak midi was during the 80’s and 90’s. For instance, how to use midi CC messages 98 and 99 ( NRPN parameters). I find these messages in commercially sold midi files.


I’m sorry, wrong reading on my side.

MF3 file is Ensoniq MR-76 audio data. You can read more here. No, cUBase can’t open it.

This mf3 file type entry was marked as obsolete and no longer supported file format .

Thanks Martin.