MG10XU multitrack recording.

I successfully installedthe MG10XU steinberg driver in my PC running win 10. I’m trying to record a voice channel and a guitar channel in Adobe Audition CS6. I have a multitrack session set up but when I try to record in only one channel or the signal is exactly the same in both channels. In other words, both channels are sending the same signal, I even turned off one microphone and both channels in my DAW are still receiving the same signal. Any suggestions?

Pan one channel fully left and the other fully right.

Thank you so much my friend.

By the way can I record all the 4 channels that the mixer has? or only two?

Nope, the USB interface is 2 in 2 out, so only 2 independent inputs.
You can of course record all 4, but you’ll get the mixed channels together.

I’m having the same problem. From everything i have read and youtube clips i have seen each channel should operate independently. I have a Yamaha MG10XU experiencing the same problem does anyone have an alternative to using the panning as a workaround? Thanks

There is no alternative, if you want to record 2 different signals to 2 different tracks via the USB connection.

Thanks Svennilenni. Do you know if this is a limitation of the hardware or software? I’m not sure if i need to look at an alternative software package or maybe getting a multi USB connection box specifically for designed for multi channel recording. Any assistance would be appreciated.

It´s an hardware limitation.