MGuitar v TGuitar

I realise this is quite subjective but with the current sale I can afford to buy either the MGuitar or the T Guitar so I wonder if anyone has any advice or recommendations.

I am a worship leader/songwriter and write songs in generally slow to medium tempo with the occasional uptempo song.
I tend to focus on strumming with the occasional finger picking.
My arrangements tend not to be busy but I’m looking for something that sits well in a mix with perhaps a little chorus.

Any thoughts welcomed (apart from recommendations to look elsewhere as I do not have the budget for anything more expensive :grinning:)

I’ve just bought T-Guitar.
I have no complaints with the quality of the samples. What I found disappointing is there are no 3/4, 6/8 or tripplet preset rhythms. You can’t create or save your own strumming patterns in the vst so you would need to create a midi track to trigger your own “user” strumming patterns.

Thank you for that. I’ve now purchased T-Guitar.

I’m used to the workflow you describe as invariably with such programs I find that I need to tweak the preset patterns to fit my needs.