MI4 with new software

I have been running MI4 and Cubase 3.1 successfully with win 7. Will the MI4 hardware work with the newer software? I downloaded the Elements 7 trial to see what’s changed. Will the MI4 I have work with it?


Well, as far as I can tell the MI4 will work with the new software. I downloaded and installed the Elements 7.5 Trial and set it up with the MI4 and it worked. I compared the recording with my SL3.1 and they sound about the same. So it will work; at least with Windows 7.

However, the file created cannot be used in version SL3.1 which crashes. Elements 7 does seem to be able to open the old 3.1 file though.

hi,will the mI4 work with other software like s3 or sonar 3 or other 3rd party software in a win7 or other?/the s3 is sonar 3 i think,what will the mI4 work with in software,i hope someone can answer this for me,ive been looking for answers for so long,i have the mI4 with a old sx/sl software and want to use other 3rd party software,the newer stuff with my mi4,thnx steven