Mic input issue with ur242?

I have a Yamaha dm-105 mic.
I read some issue people are having also with mic input on the ur 242
I am plugging direct into mic input 1 on the front of the ur242. Direct from mic to ur242.

Like others I read online I have to out the volumes up to max to hear anything at all. I can then hear very distorted input via the headphones.

I don’t have any preamp or anything, perhaps this is where I am going wrong ? I need to amp the mic first before putting it in to the mic or I need some other powered mic ?

I am trying to record live piano.


what type of lead are you using?
XLR > TRS (this wont work correctly)
XLR > XLR (this is what you need to use)

Also a dynamic mic is not a good choice for recording live piano!